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She's Awake

A Fun and Exciting Event for Women

At She's Awake, we strive to be the kind of Godly Women that when your feet hit the ground each morning, the devil trembles and says, "Oh NO, she's awake!" PWC hosts a group for powerful women in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, to meet up, make friends, and share connections with each other. Those who attend meet monthly, whether it is for lunch, bible study, shopping, or arts and crafts. No matter what we do, we have fun and the Lord always meets with us!

Become Part of our Lovely Group

Please feel free to join us whenever we meet. We have several church events for you to meet up with the rest of the group and have a fun time. The focus of our women's group is to make them feel loved and important. You are very special in God's eyes; there is no one else like you. You were hand chosen and crafted by the master.

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She's Awake Leadership

Pastor Teka PokornyPastor Teka Pokorny Pastoral Administive Assistant LeiLona ColemanPastor LeiLona Coleman